The Armor Of God


Satan is the enemy of every Christian! We are in a battle with him and his helpers, whether we want to or not!!

Satan is the enemy of every Christian. We are in a battle with him and his helpers, whether we want to or not. Here on earth now, we need to learn to fight him by faith. Faith in God and His promises activates the authority Christ has given us for victory over him.

Jesus sent the Holy Spirit so we have power to be victorious in our fight with Satan. In each circumstance, the Holy Spirit gives us His insight and wisdom, so we know how to respond. This may come through the Bible, prophecy, or His inner voice.

What is our goal in this fight?  To defeat Satan’s schemes so we and many others live eternally. We have victory through our faith ,which will bring victory in our soul, for our families, and many other lost souls. 

When we trust in God, we need not fear our ENEMY. God gave us fifteen weapons to fight him, such as the Word of God, His names, and others. We study the six pieces of the armor of God, the reason many believers are defeated by Satan, and how, as a Christian, to NOT be defeated by Satan.


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