How did Jesus save us when He died on the cross?

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How did Jesus save us when He died on the cross?

  1. Jesus paid the penalty we owed for our sin.
  2. Now, when we place our faith in Jesus, our sins are FORGIVEN.
  3. Because He paid the penalty for our sin, we can receive His RIGHTEOUSNESS.
  4. Jesus was rejected by God on the cross, so we can be RECONCILED with God, as a new creation.
  5. Jesus died so we can have ETERNAL LIFE with God.
  6. Jesus trusted His Father for HIS needs; now we can trust our heavenly Father for OUR needs.
  7. Jesus was physically wounded so we can be physically HEALED.
  8. Jesus died under a curse, so we can be FREE from all curses.
  9. Jesus overcame the devil and sent the Holy Spirit to help us, so we can have an ABUNDANT LIFE, full of purpose.


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