Prayer is communication with God, the Creator of the Universe!!

In prayer, we communicate with God, the Creator of the Universe!! It is important to humbly talk, listen, worship, and sincerely seek God, knowing He hears us. It is incredible to think that we, as humans, can speak to God, our Creator.

In prayer, we should allow time for God to talk to us while we listen to Him. God will always respond and answer our prayers, though not always in the way or timing we want. However, God knows every circumstance, so we need to trust Him. We hinder our prayers by rejecting or ignoring His Word, turning a deaf ear to the poor and other things.

The effective, fervent PRAYER of a righteous person avails much. We all want our prayers to AVAIL, to get results which change our world. The Lord is eager to answer our prayers as ordinary, righteous followers of Jesus Christ; He answers prayers of faith!!

The highest result of prayer is a close, loving relationship with God. His presence becomes precious to us as we walk with Him. We also look at the Lord’s prayer.


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