Prayer: Talking To God


We can change the World through Prayer!!

Prayer can change our world!! God wants a relationship with us, His children. Prayer is an essential part of our relationship with God. Two of the nine treasures available by prayer are financial security and God removing our burden of anxieties.

When we pray, we should not believe that we will receive what we ask for someday (in the future); instead we must understand that we are immediately receiving what we ask for (now). If we receive now (when we pray), even before we can see it with our natural eyes, we need to act as though we really have already received it. That is FAITH!! First, we must hear God and know it is His will, then we can declare His will in prayer and our prayer will be answered.

There are many types of prayer in the Bible such as supplication (requests), a prayer of faith, private prayer, praying in the Spirit, and many others that we discuss. The prayers of praying intercessors are part of expanding the Kingdom of God on earth.


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