Prayer: God Talking To Us


Jesus said, “My sheep hear My voice” (John 14:27).

Jesus said, “My sheep hear My voice.” God speaks to us in many ways: through the Bible, by the Holy Spirit, in sudden, unexpected thoughts, and through the peace of God. He also “speaks to us” through dreams, visions, and other ways. Expect God to communicate with us, but don’t demand answers. Consider your attitudes and motives for communication from God, then listen for Him!! Make it a goal to not just to hear God, but to do what He says. This will help us become more like Jesus.

There are different voices that we can hear in our inner being.

  1. God’s voice—this will give us peace. God will never violate His Word or His principles. 
  2. The enemy’s voice (Satan’s)—this may seem good at first, but will ultimately bring confusion, anxiety, fear, and destruction.
  3. Our own voice—hardest to know, whether it is ourselves or another voice. We think it’s God’s voice, but it’s our voice— or worse, the voice of the enemy. Scripture says that Satan is very deceiving.


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