Our Enemy


We need to learn how to Fight the GOOD FIGHT of Faith. Then we will defeat Satan’s schemes to lure us to hell.

Satan’s main objective is to cause each of us to burn in the fires of hell with him. Here is one way Satan deceives Christians – he uses false teachers or false prophets who pretend (or deceive themselves) to be servants of Jesus, but really serve Satan. There were many false prophets when Jesus lived, just as there are today. Satan uses trickery and deception, often perverting God’s Word to make people believe these false doctrines are the divine Word of Truth.  Another way Satan deceives and destroys people’s lives is by bringing lies to our minds. There are many tactics and distractions Satan uses to trick people, but Satan cannot DEFEAT a faithful Christian.  I share six ways to protect ourselves from these schemes of Satan.

We need to learn how to Fight the GOOD FIGHT of Faith (see Hebrews 12:1–2).


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