Holy Spirit


Christians live Godly lives of effective service to others by the INDWELLING, EMPOWERING, and GIFTS of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is God, part of the Trinity. He indwells, empowers, and gives gifts to us as Christians which enable us to live Godly lives and effectively serve others.

The Holy Spirit helps us take the steps to break bad habits in our life. He not only helps us break bad habits, but He gives us strength to replace them with good habits. He will help us to change our thinking and renew our mind as we read the Word. He gives us life and energy. He is our Helper, always there when we need Him. He does a lot for us so we need to talk to Him often.

The Holy Spirit convicts people of sin: He helps unbelievers understand their need for Jesus as Savior and He convicts believers of their need to repent of sin. The Holy Spirit lives within us when we accept Jesus as our Savior and He becomes our helper, teacher, comforter, counselor, and more.


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