Grace and Trinity


God’s Grace gives us the power to live a righteous life in our wicked, corrupt world.

What is grace? Grace comes when God blesses us though we do not deserve it.  Grace is for ungodly people (sinners), which is how we are all born. Grace can transform a person who makes a lifelong commitment to Jesus Christ. God’s grace works within us as we receive it in faith. His grace does not give us permission to sin; instead, He gives us power through the Holy Spirit to overcome sin and be victorious. We do not receive grace by following a list of rules—these take our focus away from what Christ’s finished work on the cross and puts it on what we do.

Simply put, the PURPOSE OF GRACE is to show us how to live above sin, not in it. Grace gives us the power to live a righteous life in this wicked, corrupt world. Praise God for GRACE because that means God is helping us!

There is one God, and He is eternally manifested in the three persons of God – the FATHER, JESUS the SON, and the HOLY SPIRIT.  We also see how the Bible helps us to understand the Trinity.


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