Authority In Christ


Authority is accessed by our faith – it doesn’t beg, it doesn’t ask—Authority Commands. 

Authority can be defined as the right to give orders and make decisions, with the power available to enforce obedience. Power is the raw ability to do something. As believers, we need both to build God’s Kingdom. Authority is accessed by our faith – it doesn’t beg, it doesn’t ask—authority commands. God has given every believer the authority to use the power of God to enforce His Word!!!

Jesus has all authority!! In Luke 10, He clearly gives every believer the legal right to use His authority over all of Satan’s power!! And Jesus has the power to back up the authority He gives us to defeat Satan and build His kingdom. When we ask in faith for something we know is God’s will, He will supply the power to complete what He wants to be done. Believers are entrusted with God’s authority, but we must be accountable to Him when using it. Humility is key to avoiding abuse of our authority!!

Certain principles and conditions are required, which enable us to exercise our God-given authority. When we don’t walk in these principles, we usually lack that authority.


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