Disciple Helpers


Just as children need parents to help them mature, so new disciples also need more mature Christians to help them.

Children need parents to help them mature, and in the same way, new disciples need more mature Christians to help them. We grow by reading God’s Word, by obeying the Holy Spirit, and through the wise counsel of other believers. But we also need practical experience. When we apply God’s ways in our life, we grow and mature, though we all fail at times. Maybe we get discouraged because God’s ways can be hard or we don’t like His path for us. A more mature Christian can encourage us to do what is right and counsel us on how to apply what we are learning.

An accountability partner helps us because true GREATNESS requires being great in the little, unseen things, but we often need encouragement to do them.  A good accountability partner will be gracious, yet strong, asking the hard questions. 

A mentor is a more mature disciple helping a newer disciple to grow in Christ. The mentor provides wise counsel and teaching to help the newer disciple work toward their goals.  


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