God made several binding agreements or promises with people, called covenants. The New Testament Covenant of Grace, made through Jesus, is activated by our faith.

A covenant is a legal agreement between two or more parties which should never be broken. God made covenants with various people or groups in the Bible – several in the Old Testament plus the New Covenant through Jesus. This is a covenant of grace activated by our faith, which is shown by obedience. Communion is our continuing sign of the New Covenant.
Before Adam was created, our heavenly Father made a covenant with Jesus, God the Son, called the Covenant of Redemption. They decided that Jesus would come to earth and sacrifice His life to redeem mankind, so thousands of years later, Jesus came WILLINGLY. Because of this Covenant of Redemption, Jesus submitted Himself to His torture and death as required by the covenant. Likewise, the Father is giving His Son six rewards for His sacrifice to redeem mankind.


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