Baptism means “to immerse or dip underwater.”  The Bible mentions three types of baptisms – in water, by the Holy Spirit, and by fire.

Baptism comes from a Greek word meaning “to immerse or dip underwater.” The Bible mentions three types of baptisms.

1. The baptism of water: Water baptism is REQUIRED for believers. It is a public declaration and an act of obedience, plus five other Biblical reasons to be baptized.
2. The baptism of the Holy Spirit: Baptism of the Holy Spirit empowers us by God’s Spirit to live as God wants us to live. As we follow Him, the Spirit transforms and empowers us to live an abundant, victorious life. He empowers us to give up sin, often through a long process.
3. The baptism of fire: Baptism of fire purifies us from evil usually through trouble or trials. The purpose of these trials is to energize us as believers to seek and draw closer to the Lord in prayer and obedience.

Very simply, baptism is an OUTWARD TESTIMONY of the inward change in a believer’s life.


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