Our Vision

We are called to make DISCIPLES and help people to know Jesus, our best friend, better by helping them to know how to live for Him. We challenge believers to hear God’s voice in prayer, to read and apply His Word, and to make right choices (choose His will). These right choices will lead them on a wonderful adventure in God and a victorious, abundant life.

As a disciple of Jesus, we need to keep Him as our top priority. Most importantly, we must believe the Bible, God’s Word, is the absolute Truth. We not only need to believe what it says but also apply it in our life. The Word of God has ALL the principles to solve our problems and circumstances today (though often not in our timing).

We need to pursue God to find His solutions by:

  1. Reading God's Word to know Him and His principles
  2. Spending time with Him in prayer
  3. Hearing the Holy Spirit
  4. Spending time with other Christians

These disciplines help us to quickly repent and die to our own desires. Then we obey by believing God's truths, applying His principles, and doing things His way, not our way. We also need to encourage each other to stand strong in faith to fight evil together.

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