Meet Mary Ellen.


Mary Ellen is a farm girl and growing up she had three questions:

1. What can I learn from this specific Scripture and/or this situation?
2. How do I apply what I have learned to my life?
3. How can I help others with what I have learned?

Mary Ellen has loved Jesus since she was four, and she wants to help others to know her best friend, Jesus and to make right choices (God’s choices) in their lives. She longs to see Christians keep Jesus as their first priority and so become true disciples of Jesus.

Her desire is to help both new and mature disciples fight the good fight of faith by helping believers understand practical ways, to grow in faith, to serve Jesus and to reproduce, sharing God’s love and His “Good News” with others.

She has known the Lord over sixty years and ministered to children over twenty-five years. After marrying her husband Chris, they lived in Asia as missionaries for over sixteen years, where she discipled poorer women.

Mary Ellen is simple farm girl, very practical in life, and a woman of prayer. She has studied the Word of God deeply, then applied what she learned by yielding to the Holy Spirit. Her desire is for Jesus to receive the reward of His sufferings and have a strong, pure, equipped Bride to stand by His side.

Meet Chris.


Chris loves to read, hike in the mountains, and travel. He came to know the Lord when he was young, but he was 29 when he really started living for Jesus as a true disciple. He graduated as an engineer, then later in his 30's, he got a Master of Divinity degree.

Chris studied and led small groups, as well as helping to translate a book while serving overseas. He wants to see people come to Christ as Savior and then truly make Him their Lord, giving 100% to Jesus.

After he married Mary Ellen they lived in a Muslim country where Chris was a businessman, doing business as well as ministering to people.

They were there for over 16 years, but needed to return because of Mary Ellen’s health.

They are both prayer warriors and love the Lord deeply. They want to encourage every Christian to draw close to the Lord through the Word and hearing the Holy Spirit. They work for the Lord as a team in ministry, discipling others.

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